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مقالات ژورنالی

  • A Comprehensive Review on Microgrid and Virtual Power Plant Concepts Employed for Distributed Energy Resources Scheduling in Power Systems
  • A new coordination strategy of SSSC and PSS controllers in power system using SOA algorithm based on Pareto method
  • A new simultaneous placement of distributed generation and demand response resources to determine virtual power plant
  • AC unbalanced and DC load management in multi-bus residential microgrid integrated with hybrid capacity resources
  • Coordination of thermal/wind energies in power-to-gas process for cost/pollution abatement considering wind energy recovery
  • Eco-Environmental Uncertain Management of Various Energy Hubs within a Microgrid Concentrated on Demand Response, Intelligent Parking Lots, and Power-to-Gas Unit Effects
  • Eco-environmental planning of various energy storages within multi-energy microgrid by stochastic price-based programming inclusive of demand response paradigm
  • Economic evaluation and energy/exergy analysis of PV/Wind/PEMFC energy resources employment based on capacity, type of source and government incentive policies: Case study in Iran
  • Enhancement of power measurement using a modified method based on wavelet with preprocessing: electric arc furnace case study
  • Event-based scheduling of industrial technical virtual power plant considering wind and market prices stochastic behaviors - A case study in Iran
  • Grasshopper optimization algorithm for optimal load frequency control considering Predictive Functional Modified PID controller in restructured multi-resource multi-area power system with Redox Flow Battery units
  • Hesitant fuzzy for conflicting criteria in multi-objective deployment of electric vehicle charging stations
  • Modelling and Optimization of Channel Allocation for Power Line Communications Access Networks in the Presence of In-Line and In-Space Interference
  • Optimal Design of Passive Filters Considering the Effect of Steinmetz Circuit Resonance under Unbalanced and Non-Sinusoidal Conditions
  • Optimal PMU placement with uncertainty using Pareto method
  • Optimal planning of multi‐energy microgrid with different energy storages and demand responsive loads utilizing a technical‐economic‐environmental programming
  • Optimal power quality meters placement with consideration of single line and meter loss contingencies
  • Power quality meters placement using seeker optimization algorithm for harmonic state estimation
  • Power system harmonic reduction and voltage control using DFIG converters as an active filter
  • Resilience-oriented adaptable microgrid formation in integrated electricity-gas system with deployment of multiple energy hubs
  • Robust scenario-based concept for stochastic energy management of an energy hub contains intelligent parking lot considering convexity principle of CHP nonlinear model with triple operational zones
  • Scenario-Based Reliability Assessment of Industrial Microgrids Considering Renewable Resources and Load Growth
  • Simultaneous planning of energy carriers by employing efficient storages within main and auxiliary energy hubs via a comprehensive MILP modeling in distribution network
  • Stochastic electrical energy management of industrial Virtual Power Plant considering time-based and incentive-based Demand Response programs option in contingency condition
  • Stochastic profit-based scheduling of industrial virtual power plant using the best demand response strategy
  • Strategy for demand side management effectiveness assessment via a stochastic risk‐based bidding approach in a multi‐energy microgrid containing combined cooling, heat and power and photovoltaic units
  • جایابی اندازه گیرهای هارمونیکی به منظور تخمین حالت هارمونیکی با در نظر گرفتن عدم قطعیت‌های دوگانه در سیستم قدرت
  • روش جدید برای جایابی و تعیین اندازه منابع تولید پراکنده در سیستم‌های توزیع با استفاده از الگوریتم ژنتیک
  • روشی جدید در ارزیابی قابلیت اطمینان عرضه در میکروگریدهای صنعتی با در نظر گیری رشد بار و عدم قطعیت منابع تجدیدپذیر
  • طراحی یک سیستم مدیریت انرژی برای یک ریزشبکه‌ صنعتی مبتنی بر منابع CHP از طریق برنامه‌ریزی تولید و پاسخ تقاضا
  • کنترل بهینه فرکانس بار با استفاده از الگوریتم کلونی زنبور‌های عسل در سیستم‌های قدرت تجدید ساختار‌یافته شامل SMES

مقالات کنفرانسی

  • Definitive and Probabilistic Impact Assessment of Solar and Wind Power Generation on Reliability Improvement of Power System-Iran Case Study
  • Design and Investigation of Single-Tuned Passive Filter in Distribution Networks Based on Pareto Optimal Fronts
  • Determination of Solar Collectors Optimum Tilt Angle and Investigation of Its Effect
  • Double contingency consideration in phasor measurement unit placement using MSFLA based on Pareto method
  • Optimal PMU placement based on mean square error using differential evolution algorithm
  • Phasor measurement units placement considering double contingency by differential evolution algorithm based on Pareto method
  • Scheduling and Feasibility Study on the Penetration of Distributed Energy Resources in an Industrial Microgrid: National Iranian Copper Industries Co - Sarcheshmeh site Case Study
  • State Estimation Application in Phasor Measurement Placement Considering Contingency Using Differential Evolution Algorithm Based on Pareto Method
  • Stochastic energy management in a practical smart microgrid in Davarzan-Iran considering demand response with wind and PV power scenarios
  • Synchronization of a microgrid with main network through static switch based on neural network controller
  • ارائه شاخصی جدید برای ارزیابی پایداری دینامیک ولتاژ
  • ارزیابی قابلیت اطمینان میکروگریدهای صنعتی با در نظرگیری رشد بار و عدم قطعیت منابع تجدیدپذیر
  • تعیین بهینه پارامترهای فیلتر شکاف دار وفقی با استفاده از الگوریتم ژنتیک به منظور دستیابی به یک واحد سنکرونیزاسیون قوی در سیستم قدرت
  • جایابی بهینه اندازه گیرها به منظور تخمین حالت هارمونیکی با استفاده از الگوریتم تکامل دیفرانسیلی
  • روشی جدید برای سنکرونیزاسیون اجزای سیستم قدرت با استخراج دامنه و فاز با استفاده از تبدیل موجک و فیلتر FIR
  • مکان یابی حسگرها در شبکه حسگر بی سیم با استفاده از مدل چندهدفه مبتنی بر روش بهینه پارتو
  • کنترل بهینه فرکانس بار با پیشنهاد استفاده ترکیبی از ادوات FACTS در سیستم های قدرت چند ناحیه ای

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